Providing service to clients
The very first thing you learn in hairdressing is receiving and greeting clients in a professional, friendly manner. The initial greeting the clients receive at the reception area will influence the whole salon’s wellbeing. First impressions last forever.
With a professional, pleasant and warm approach clients will feel at ease. Your client will have confidence in your skills and will be able to relax and enjoy the experience.More information:Galway Hair Oil
Clients expect excellent customer service when they enter a salon. With so much competition in hairdressing today it’s the quality of service and professionalism a Salon offers that make it successful. An unhappy client will simply take their business elsewhere. As a trainee you will learn how to provide for your clients and the skills required to succeed in the Hairdressing industry. Hairdressing is all about making people look better & feel great. As a trainee you will expand your technical knowledge, learn how to create amazing hairstyles, discover beautiful hair colouring, and also how to deliver quality customer service in the Salon.
Salon etiquette is an essential part of delivering customer service to clients.
Hairdressing is an artistic craft; therefore you must develop your artistic ability. Hairdressing is a business where you are trying to enhance the client’s appearance. From an artistic point of view a hairstyle is an expression of form, shape, colour and texture. When creating a look for a client the hairdresser must consider:
* The shape of the face, profile, head
* Client’s dress and the occasion
* The quality and quantity of hair
In Hairdressing you will learn that vertical lines can add height while horizontal lines can add width and make an object appear shorter. Design lines create an optical illusion, and as a trainee you will learn the concepts of design. You will learn how to apply lines, shape, form, and texture when creating the perfect hairstyle for your client.
Hair and fashion go together, and this should be remembered when styling hair. Regardless of fashion trends, there are certain principles and combinations of line, shape and texture hairdressing must adhere to.
The hairdresser’s aim is to create a hairstyle which is designed to enhance the client’s features and complement the occasion.