Whiplash Compensation-Secrets Revealed

A new study released earlier this month revealed that 60% of bankruptcies are filed due to overwhelming medical bills. And even more incredible is the fact many of these medical bills are due to vehicle accidents that involve whiplash. Too many victims were not aware or were so overwhelmed with what followed their accidents, they did not attempt to seek out their options, including the possibility of filing any whiplash compensation claims. The result is they found themselves shouldering medical bills associated with the automobile accidents they were not even responsible for causing. This surely drives home the importance of seeking legal assistance in those days following these kinds of accidents.

One advocate, Dr. David Himmelstein, who is also a member of the American Harvard Medical School, says all too often in the global economy, many families realize they are only “one serious illness or one motor vehicle accident” away from bankruptcy or other financial ruin. Other studies support Dr. Heimmelstein’s statements. While private medical insurance will cover part or even the majority of those suffering whiplash injuries, the fact is, there are no support systems in place for victims to recoup lost income due to not being able to work or in some cases, their own automobile insurance policies do not include a “no fault” stipulation that would provide for repairing one’s own vehicle when another is at fault for causing it.Find more information¬†https://tiernansolicitors.ie/whiplash-claims/.

In another study, it was reported family members who step up to the plate to provide assistance during these times of need are on the rise. Further, the amounts they are contributing are on the rise as well. To be sure, legal representation is absolutely crucial. In the U.K., compensation for whiplash injuries typically falls into two categories:

General Damages for Whiplash – These include the amount you’re entitled to due to the physical pain and suffering. They are paid in direct correlation with the accident itself and include medical costs, prescription costs and any additional medical services, such as physical therapy.

Special Damages for Whiplash – These will cover certain “special” considerations you suffered as a result of the accident. They include lost income, future earnings, home health care and other expenses associated with your pain.

While it appears these two categories may be self explanatory, there are legal considerations that the proper counsel can provide. It can quickly become confusing and overwhelming. This, coupled with the fact you are trying to heal, can easily result in short term depression and other problems. Too often, victims walk away from the process in its entirety and then, once they decide to pursue their legal options, they discover too much time has lapsed and they are no longer able to bring a claim against the insurance companies or those whom the responsibility belongs.